New Song Release!

Singer Ida Elena from the band Bare Infinity to release a brand new dark single with Theatre of Night called, "The Killing"... Tentative release date is set for August 1st! Stay tuned for more info.

Ida is the Lead singer of Bare Infinity and is also a member of the group, Cantus Lunaris. She has an incredible voice and is a versatile, talented songwriter. Ida wrote the lyrics for the new single, "The Killing" to be released with Theatre of Night on all digital platforms. A small preview of the song is available at .

Theatre of Night has also decided that a part of the proceeds will go to charity as well. More info will be available soon.

The music for "the Killing" was written by Steve Giles and Craig Harrison of Theatre of Night. "It has a soundtrack feel, as if it belongs in a crime drama" says Craig Harrison. "We are looking forward to letting people hear it, as it is more of a mellodramatic song, and is a bit of a different venture than we are accustomed to."

The killing will be out on August 1st.

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