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Theatre of Night combines classical and traditional music textures with rock structures and heavy guitars -- and they do so in a theatrical manner. The group's unusual and inspiring take on  metal and instrumental epics provides these timeless odes with a unique and refreshing twist on the "usual" metal music. 

Sparked initially by a thunderous instrumental rendition of "What Child Is This", the band's release of their album, "Christmas Night", represents a pioneering venture into symphonic rock. It also stands as a fresh way for fans everywhere to embrace traditional Christmas music, as well as many inspired original metal tracks. 

Theatre Of Night didn't set out to be Michigan's take on Trans-Siberian Orchestra, though they may be inevitably compared to that arena-packing unit because of similar themes. The band creates it's own unique and inspirational renderings, and that ensures that Theatre Of Night will continue to blaze it's own unique musical path. 


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End Of Existence

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Midnight Piano Dream

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"Theatre of Night rank among the more imaginative bands currently operating on the contemporary music scene. Their ability to cleverly update tunes ranging from Christmas classics to patriotic anthems, as well as sprinkle in a healthy dose of their own creative magic, marks them as a band to watch out for in the months and years to come."

Andy Secher Editor, Hit Parader 

"Theatre of Night are a really cool sounding band, especially if you enjoy classical music and orchestral metal. Give them a look..., you might be surprised!"  

Rob Figures, Sault Metal Scene

"If Theatre of Night gets labeled as Michigan’s version of Trans-Siberian Orchestra with a patriotic twist, then so be it. These guys rock impressively from sea to shining sea, turning “America the Beautiful,” “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” and yes, even your favorite Christmas carols, into heavy metal-infused symphonic gems. John Sinkevics, Spins on Music"  

John Sinkevics,

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Theatre Of Night

Ph: 906-440-4480

(Serious Inquiries Only, Please)


Steve Giles

616 323 5255

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